Shiatsu & Acupressure

After the long flight my shoulder was feeling very bad.  As I have a history of frozen shoulder I was worried that it would get worse and ruin my holiday.  After just one treatment with Claude it was fine.  I highly recommend his massage.
Cynthia, UK

During the first treatment I discovered I had a lot of blockages in my digestion.  In a series of treatments Claude focused on reactivating my digestive system and I was very impressed by how effective it was.  Now I feel so much better and I lost weight too.
Nuria, Spain

I had an on-going pain at the base of my foot.  Every morning it was hard for me to stand up on that foot when I got out of bed.  I received all kinds of treatment to fix the problem, but it is only after receiving a massage with Claude that the pain disappeared completely, I was really amazed that he managed to do this in one session.  I took a series of three treatments to benefit even more from Claude’s powerful work.
Vladimir, Russia

Deep Tissue Fusion

I came on holiday to scuba dive as it is a passion of mine.  I was so dissappointed to discover that a problem with my ear meant that I could not dive.  The resort manager recommended that I take some treatments with Claude.  His unique combination of deep tissue with acupressure was very effective, after two treatments I found I was able to dive.  So grateful, thank you Claude.
Susan, UK

I took four treatments with Claude for my back problem and it reduced the pain very much.  I highly recommend his massage, he really knows what he is doing and you feel that you are in very experienced hands with Claude.
Igor, Russia

I had been suffering from insomnia and I was sleeping only a few hours per day.  Claude gave me a Deep Tissue massage that helped to ease the tensions in my neck, shouldera and back.  After the treatment I slept for 9 hours, it was a miracle for me.  Since then my sleep pattern has been continuing to improve.
Reagan, Hong Kong

Psycho-Energetic Massage

Claude helped me to forgive, now I am more able to move on from the past in peace.  My future looks brighter now I am connected with my inner child.
Lyn, Scotland

Six years later, I was still upset about the death of my mum.  In a Psycho-Energy session, Claude helped me to accept her passing on with my inner child.  Now I feel much better when I remember her.
Yvette, France

The treatments helped me to overcome my trauma from a bad car accident when I was 12 years old.  I was very scared to learn how to drive.  Now I feel more ready to overcome my fear. Thank you Claude for your help.
Haya, France

After this session with Claude I felt light and free. His combination of massage and tapping into and healing repressed issues is insightful as well as liberating. Claude is kind and gentle, yet there is super strength and power in his healing. If there are things you need to let go of in order to move forward in your life, Claude’s strength as a healer can unblock these energies.
Grace, Australia

Claude’s treatment helped to free myself from a lot of anger. Now I feel much calmer and more at peace with myself and others.
Heike, Germany

Inner Child Courses

Claude -  Inner Child Connections“Very inspiring and has helped a lot in centering myself.”
Devika, India

“It is a great workshop, teaching me how to deal with the most essential part of my inner child with whom I had lost touch.”
Deepika, India

“The Inner child workshop was amazing. It opened up so many doors for me and made me look differently towards different situations.”
Jasjeet, India

Claude, thank you for helping me to reconnect with my inner little girl. It’s amazing work that you are doing and I thank the universe for finding a great master in you. It’s really not easy what I’m going through, now I just have to use the tools that you have showed me, to stay with my own light, develop my strength, and maybe help others to do the same too. Lots of light, peace, love and happiness.
Paola, Mexico

Before, I was a car mechanic, but I felt something was missing in my professional life. Working with Claude, connecting with my inner child and listening to my dreams, helped me to free myself from the influence of my father’s profession as a mechanic. I started a new career as an Energetic Massage Therapist. I never thought I would find an occupation which I really loved to do each day. Claude’s meditation courses and ongoing support has made this possible. I like to help others in my own way with massage and I have developed my own thriving business. Thanks Claude!
Cameron, Canada

Claude showed me how to understand my dreams, by using their symbols in meditations and treatments. Now I realize that I often receive important messages in my dreams, and I`m very grateful that I have this new level of awareness.
Brian, USA

The course is very interesting and powerful, how to understand your personal work with the knowledge about your childhood.  We did some meditations to meet my inner child, opening my heart to all the experiences of that period.  I am continuing the classes to go deeper and become more connected with my inner child and all the energy he brings me.
Alain, France

To contact Claude:
email: claudesimard@live.fr